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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

It is only the 2nd day of Term 2, but it felt like 2 weeks.. Everyone in the staffroom seems to be rushing for time.

There was some serious Monday blue passing around yesterday. Luckily, my adorable secondary one kids helped to chase them away. What could be more happy than to spend time with innocent children.. Now if only they would remain like this..

Received an invitation from YY to join her for some salsa action today. Torn between practising for my salsa exam and setting of exam papers.. Some time ago, i was still rather confident of acing the exam but now as the day creeps nearer, the fear grew stonger as well. Sigh.. I think i must be C.R.A.Z.Y to even sign up for it.. What was i thinking then???

30 minutes more to Contact Time. I think i need a bite to chase away the sleeping bugs..

Btw, if anyone has any past year exam papers for sec one general science, can pass to me please??????

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