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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Lost again!

The season two of the series "Lost" will premiere on TV next thurday. Two whole hours of "Lost"! How exciting!

Thanks to a friend, i am finally able to catch up on the episode of the "Lost" season one series before "Lost" season two is shown. In a crazy period like this, catching the series is my only comfort..

Speaking of crazy period, isn't it strange that everything seem to pile on when you are having a busy schedule?? Then when it ends, you are suddenly being present with so much time that you felt lost about it. At least i feel so..

Ok, maybe everything happens for a reason.. For the next two weeks, i will be having a war with Mr Time. A war against time on setting of test papers and exam papers, to practise for my salsa exam, to meet parents of my form class, to prepare for the school speech day, blah blah.. The list goes on. And after the 3rd of Apr, things starts to move slowly again.. Arrgh... I hate crazy period like this. Zap all my energy away from me and makes me just wanna take a break.

Some of my fellow colleagues were counting down to the longer holiday.. But it still seem so far away.. Ok, i still have 'Good Friday' to look forward to...

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