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Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Ok, so the june holidays is not coming soon but it is not far away neither.

Ray, you can look forward to the two weeks where we have labour day and vesak day. That sounds pretty good too. Yoohoo! Not to mention that it will be examination period, no preparation for lesson, only marking. Aren't that great??

On a different note,

I was supposed to catch this movie with YY.

But she deserted me! Wah....

Ok.. I'm being dramatic here. YY did not desert me, she is just busy. This gives me the opportunity to go catch this movie with another cutie. So yeah, i should thank you huh YY. Haha..

I know i'm so slow in watching this movie.. But what to do? I have wanted to wait for it to be freelisted so that i can watch it for free! Cheapo? I know but so?

Cause i'm soooo s....l....o...w in catching this movie, friends have been trying to give me reviews on this movie. Arrgh.. Let me enjoy it on my own ok?

Oops! There goes the bell. I had better hurry to finish up this pile of marking so that i can go 'catch' some students and send them to detention later..


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