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Friday, April 21, 2006

Good Friday

It is a good day. How can it be not?

Friday has always been my winding down day where i only have 2 periods of classes. My only duty on Friday is to go into this class and discipline them while the other teacher teaches (I do not teach this particular so i can only make sure they are settled).

However, early in the morning, he came to me and said that i'm not need in the class cos he is not bringing them to the lab. Hoo! I was freed from my only 2 periods of the day.

I thought there might be relief (which was usually the case since i got so little class on friday). But to my surprise, i was given none!

What a pleasant surprise! It is gonna be my free day in school. I am finally able to sit down and do my work which had been due for days..

This has been a course week for me. Every afternoon, i either have to attend meetings, remedials or go for courses.. Been a little frustrated cos i did not get to do work in school and my timetable is packed like hell from Mon to Thur..

In another 10 minutes, i'm gonna take over the CME lesson for my form class from Kirk. Need to talk about some discipline issues with them.. Sigh.. I really don't wish to scold people today and i'm eating my breakfast as i'm typing..Haha.

Programes for the rest of the day? CPA course at 2pm and new salsa class at new studio at 7pm.

Busy day but i can do with more of days like this.

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