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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Look! It's flyng!

I feel better this morning. Though i still wake up, having the same thoughts and questions about my profession. I believe the day will get better. I get to see my adorable Sec one kids for the whole day.

I was enjoying the peace of the morning, brushing my teeth when suddenly a big fat coachroach flew in from my kitchen window (how the hell did it manage to fly to the 6th floor remains a mystery to me..), shattering every single piece of quietness in my house. Naturally, i screamed. Then the usual hide-and-seek begins, with me trying to hide and the coachroach seeking me out. After a few minutes, it gave up and disappeared into the darkness of the night. My sister commented that i was lucky it didn't fly into my mouth as i screamed. The thought of that makes me shrudder.

What a way to start a morning...

1 Wishes granted:

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