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Friday, May 05, 2006

Short Friday

I think teachers have extreme mood swing. At least, i do. At the beginning of the week, i was feeling rather low but now, i'm enjoying myself with my dear form class. They may be naughty and gave me lotsa troubles from time to time but i looked at their faces, i knew i'd been total defeated by their adorable faces. If i'm gonna quit, i will miss these kind of moments..

Thanks to KJ and YY for the encouragement. I'm ready to set off again.

Everyone is in a high spirit today. It could be due to the fact that we have to leave school by 1pm. That mean we can official say we need to stop working by 1pm. Yeah! It's official. What can we do right? We are just following orders. Haha..

Speaking of holiday... That brings up the topic of General Election 2006. Everyone (and i mean almost everyone) is talking about it. People kept asking me who am i going to vote.. Oh well, voting is meant to be secret right? *wink*

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