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Monday, June 05, 2006

A Truely Embarrassing Moment

It was indeed. I fell off the stage in front of all my dance girls. Can you imagine my embarrassment?

I wasn't paying attention cos i was busying checking out my girls on how to improve their dance steps. Forgetting that i was at the edge of the stage, i tried to sit down. Bad move! Instead of the hard ground that i was expecting, i found myself falling off the edge. My girls were shocked. They rushed to me immediately, checking if i was ok and helping me to brush off the dirt. I must say though the fall hurts and it badly bruised my ego, i was still console to find that not even one of them laughed at me. They are more worried that their clumpsy teacher-in-charge may be hurt. Now, i think the future of our nation do have some hopes.

My girls did mention that it was very me though cos i seemed to be very accident-prone, which is kinda true. I still remember this incident where i was all serious in a relief class, telling them not to make noise. The next moment when i tried to sit on the table edge, the table nearly toppled. Expectedly, the students burst into laughters. They claimed that i'm very funny, especially when i'm looking so serious. -_-''

Maybe i do have the talent to make people laugh, though it is at my expense.

p/s: I just read about the angelic operation carried out by a dear friend. With dear friends like this and students who don't laugh at me even when i'm doing the stupidest thing, life is indeed good for me. What's there to complain? I can only say work ain't everything =)

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