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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Destination ??

Isn't it strange that you will only know how much a thing or a person means to you when you can't have them. I guess it is probably because one expect the other to be always there, which is not the reality. The complete deprivation of communication is driving me crazy!

That aside..

The second week of my holiday spells complete boredom! I'm only required to go back to school for 2 days for duties and i pretty much got the rest of the week off. Without any friends to go out or anyone to call (they are all out of town for goddness!), i can only stay at home and stuffed myself with.. dang dang dang! Korean drama. To be frankly, i had only watched one korean series (and that is the famous winter sonata) cos i thought they are pretty boring shows that are draggy. Since i have nothing much to do and the shops are having offers, i bought a set of show titled "Full House". To the least of my expectation, it turns out to be pretty good. With a funny storyline and beautiful people, it easily kept me entertained for 16 full hours.

When the show ends, it is back to facing the four walls again.

I guess troubles never end. When i don't have a travelling partner, i trouble on finding one. Now that i have one, we are trouble over where to go? So where shall we head to?

Any suggestions?

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