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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Where is the forth person when you really need him??

Any form of sports is supposed to be fun, even if it means sitting in front of the desk for hours. But when the element of unwillingness is added in, thing changes.

I love to play mahjong. This is no secret to my bunch of NIE friends. It is pretty sad that when when the official teaching had started, the time to play had decreased dramatically. All of us are pretty worn out by the school work and i believed that all of us had work pretty hard.

There are a few who is unhappy that i have been pulling out last minute of the game. All i can say is that i'm sorry. But sometimes, school work is more important and sometimes, my health is more important. If i feel like i cannot sit through the night playing the game, i rather not take the risk of dying in front of the table.

At other times, where the forth person is missing.. Well, that i really cannot help. I had tried asking around but hey, it is the World Cup period. Most people are either busying watching the match or keeping up with their sleep. It doesn't really help when the person who really wants to play refuses to go to other people's house and insisted that the game be played at his house. Yes, you may feel that it is pretty far for you to travel but what about us? I have been travelling to your place didn't i? A few mrt stations may not sounds far to some but when you take into factors like, i'm a girl and i have to travel late at night, it does sound pretty discouraging.

I'm not trying to pick up a fight. All i'm saying is that if there is a forth person, i really do not mind taking the cab to your place. But if i had to spend $20 to and forth for a 3-person game, it really doesn't interest me. Think about it on my side. Would you spend 20 bucks to go somewhere far from your house to play a game that you are not really interested in? I can't help it when your forth person doesn't want to play and my friend dun feel like driving to your house. Having a car doesn't mean a person has to travel, right?

If you are still angry with me for not going and feels that i had lose my credibility, i have nothing to say. I guess it is only fair. If you decide not to call me out for game, i can only blame myself.

All i'm saying is the part of my story. One can read it or one can choose to ignore it. It is all about choice.

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