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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Day Before Tomorrow

Actually, it is today. But i can't find a suitable title so whatever..

It is freaking close to 3am and i'm still awake and blogging. Gosh! I'm meeting D at the airport at 7.45am, so that mean i will have to wake up at 5.30am (yes, i know i take a long time to get ready). That leaves me a grand total of 2.5 hours to sleep. I'm so gonna be a panda tomorrow morning. The funny thing is D is also awake and online right now and we are actually chatting over the msn. Ha! Maybe we are afraid that the next four days would not be a sufficient for us to face each other.

There are always two parts of the journey that i hate. The first part is when i have to pack my lugguage and the second is to unpack it. Honestly, i seriously hate packing luggauge because i simply can't decide what i want to bring! I would stand in front of my wardrobe and stare at it for the longest time to decide which garments i'm bringing and most of the time i kept wondering if it would be better if i pack the other piece of garment instead (Yes, i know i'm one of those typical girls who wants to pack everything.. What to do? That's me and i cannot change). Usually, i would drag and drag ( i could pack for days!) until the last minute and it could last into night. By then i would be so frustrated that i wonder why i even bother to go travelling. But when the morning comes and i'm at the airport, the negative feeling would pass and i would be glad that i have survived yet another panic attack of the lugguage packing. So i'm expecting that i would feel better tomorrow since i have only JUST finished packing... That is until i have to unpack them.


I think i should go to sleep now. If not, i won't look like a fairy tale princess anymore. I guess i will be continue after i'd came back.

Be prepared for lot of photo!

P/S: That is if the camera works..

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