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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Germany will take the cup!

What cup you ask.... Of course, i meant the Fifa World Cup!

My school was having a course for all teachers on the new IT portal and server. It was a pretty boring course and everyone was pretty much asleep. But, when the instructor asked us to log onto the live chat, the room became alive. Everyone was talking about the World Cup! Heh..

But you dun like football, some asked.

I do not like to play the game but i do like to watch it, though i know nuts about the rules of the game.

World Cup is an exciting event. First, it only happens once in 4 years. Second, you get to see lot of hunks from all over the world. Isn't that great?

I do not have a particular team or country that i favour. However, if i feel that this team is gonna be the champion from the beginning, i can be pretty crazy about it.

For the past few years, i had supported Brazil. I was so mad that Brazil lost to France in 1998 that i kick my coffee table and ended limping for the next two weeks. That particular match had resulted me to eat 5 instant cup noodle in a row. Why you asked? That because, as a student then, we couldn't afford to play with money so we came up with this rule that we will use the instant noodles in place of money. To make things more exciting, we will eat all the amount of cup noodles that we bet. Bleach.. Pretty cruel if you asked me but then again, it was pretty fun.

This year, i have the hunch that Germany is gonna win. So my support is with them.

Now, excuse me while i go catch a wink so that i could wake up later to watch the match between Germany and Italy.

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