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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Project Runway 2

I think my blog is pathetic. Two whole weeks went by and not a single entry from me. I tried to justify with the reason that i'm busy but the fact is that i'm too lazy to blog these weeks.

I weighed myself on the scale today and got a shock. I had put on 0.4 kg! Damn.. And i thought i should have lost weight. With all the exercise that i'm doing, i thought i would at least see some effect. I could swear that i had lost some flesh in my tummy and thighs. Maybe it is an illusion.

I'd just lost the interest to watch the latest session of "Project Runway", cos my favourite contestant was given the OUT vote. Bleah. Those so called famous designers have problems with their eyes.

Let me introduce Nick Verreos.

I know, he looks so gay. But that's the point isn't it? Gay people are supposed to be more in tune with fashion. They are the 'IT' people. ALthough he isn't exactly the most talented designer on the show, he definitely doesn't deserve to go home so early.

I have always dreamed of having a gay best friend, just like Carrie Bradshaw in "Sex and the City". Isn't that cool to have a good guy friend to talk about fashion and where to go shopping? I had have friends of those calibre. But they are either too old to really talk about fashion in my era or somehow they mystery disappeared to some other countries like Australia to further in Arts or fashion. Maybe i was born the wrong gender.

***Warming: If this post does not fit your taste, it is either probably you are not one of those fashionable people or i'm really really stress over the grading thing that i'm trying to talk about other things to take my mind off school. Somehow i kept thinking they might give me a D grade. The pressure is killing me.

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