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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Miss "I can't see nor hear you"

Just call me Miss Invisible. Sometimes, i really do wonder and wish to take a sample of my cells and do a checkup to see if i am make of transparent materials.

The following situation always happen.

"C and a group of friends were at (insert your own venue) for (insert your own function. Everything started out fine, people were laughing and talking. Most of the time, people tend to forget about C (she's invisible remember?) and start their own talk. C, feeling left out, tried to get into the conversation. However, the group of people that she is with, simply just continue to chat, totally ignoring the fact that C is trying to say something. Sometimes, they won't even let her finish or simply act as if she had never spoken nor sitting at the same table."

And people keep asking me why i don't go for outing. Do they really dun know why i do not want to go? Why go to a gathering to be ignored? At times, i know that they do not mean it and i was just dishing out too many cold jokes. However, at times i knew people ignored me on purpose, talking in a circle, outcasting me and whoever is not popular or good enough for the group. It is so high school. The funny thing is, sometimes i get lectured by these people on my behaviour because i am 'ahem' not sensitive enough to other people's feeling. And these people are supposed to be friends or pretend to be so that i can be a topic for their next bitching session.

Maybe people do not realised it, but hey! That hurts and it is humilating.

I think i should go and find other 'losers' like me and form a group of ms and mr invisible. This way, no one will ever not be seen again.

Anyone want to register?

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