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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Before monday blue, there is sunday

A colleague told me last week that nowadays when it comes to Monday, the monday blue really hits him.

I guess it hits all of us. Especially when you have to face the difficult classes. Sigh.. Sometimes i really wish i have the best class. Then i won't need to be so strain about problem students nor to face parents who are unreasonable beyond reason! Everyone is treating teachers like their maids or slaves. Do this, do that. Why my child is like this? How the hell would i know?? Why not look at your own parent skills. Maybe you suck at being a parent? It's rubbish.

Let's talk about something happy.

YY mentioned that she had a $10 voucher for Amore. I have decided to sign up the membership to force myself to get the exercise i need. It should be fun, going to classes with YY and CW.

I can't wait to get myself into shape. Hopefully.

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