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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Fancy a kick?

I'm so tired from my kickboxing workout. I had always wanted to try it and now that i have done it, i loved it! Even though it is super duper tiring but it is totally fun.

I think the money spent at Amore is definitely worth it. I have never been more serious in getting myself fit and tone. Of course, the company makes a difference. YY is my greatest companion when it comes to workout. Now i'm tempted to sign up for the unlimited package as well. Should i?

My muscles are aching as i'm typing.

School has been crazy. An email sent on the late evening last Sunday causes every teacher in my school to go into a frantic mode. I think there will be a riot soon.

Hear during the meeting today that the teacher's day celebration would not be a celebration after all. The teachers will have to teach for 4 periods (which is half a day), sit through a 2 hours concert. But the best is yet to come, teachers are not allowed to leave school until 2.30pm! What is the reason? In case the ex-students are coming, teachers have to be there to entertain them. Since when we are obligated to entertain ex-students. What about teachers with no ex-students (like the beginning teacher?)? We also have to stay till 2 plus to accompany those teachers?

Isn't that a news? Teachers have to stay in school late than the normal school day hours on the Teacher's Day celebration? What kind of celebration is it? Isn't my school great?

I'm so looking forward to November.

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