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Friday, August 25, 2006

I also have stress!

I'm furious.

No, actually i'm more upset than furious.

I have been through a lot of shit in my current workplace but what had just happened really takes the cake.

I received a call from my HOD just now and the conversation is as below.

HOD: Hey, i need you to do something.

Me: Yes? (wondering what is so important that he has to call me so late)

HOD: I need you to set the sec 2NT CPA FYE papers.

Me: Huh? Why? I dun even teach sec 2NT.

HOD: I know but E who is teaching the class is setting 4 papers this FYE so he is very stress.

Me: (silent for a long while) But Mr HOD, i had been setting 5 papers for every important exams. How come you never send someone to help me set papers? I was very stress then too.

HOD: But you are only setting 2 papers this FYE.

Me: But i had used my June holidays to set the coursework while others are enjoying and i had just set the prelim. If you add it up, i'm setting a lot too. You can't count like that. It is not fair to me. Plus i had not taught them before, how would i know what to set and what standard to set.

HOD: But E is a beginning teacher.

Me: I was a beginning teacher when i was setting 5 papers. Yet i managed to do it. I believed he will manage fine.

HOD: Hmmm.. I was just checking with you if you wanna help.

Me: .....

HOD: So you don't want to help? Ok lor.

At this point, i was practically boiling at the other side of the phone. Why is that they always ask me to take over other people's work. Now i had to help BT do work as well? Am i really a slave to them? Did any of them really care when i was so stressed up setting 5 papers (marking all of them for all levels!) while the rest are only setting one or two? Did he care when i was busy setting and marking while the rest are enjoying in the staffroom? So now that E is stress, i must help him. Who had ever help me?

I call A if HOD had asked him to help set and he said no.

Who had helped me with my current form class. Who had care that i'm very stressed now. He can go and mark me down for not helping him for all he wants. But i do not care. I know well enough that if i agreed to set, i will have to mark and i'm sure my marking load is not light. If i set the papers well, no one will care or praise me for helping. If i didn't set the papers correctly, i will get it lor. So Mr E, i'm sorry but all BT go through that phrase ok. Set your own papers.

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