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Sunday, October 15, 2006


Got tagged by KJ.

1) Name the last person you just asked to go out:
No one. But KJ asked me out which by now you all should have know that I turned him down. Anyway, KJ, I know you asked YY first but she turned you down as well. Haha..

2) Name an activity that you wish you're doing right now
Dancing! Whether is it Salsa, Lindy or just going to Zouk to chiong.

3) Name 10 people that you are thankful for in this life
a) My parents. Despite everything, I would be nothing without them.
b) My sister. Although she can be willful, and spoilt at times, she is still my one and only sister.
c) GH. Thanks for being there to listen to me patiently and support me emotionally.
d) My NIE gang! NIE life would be plain boring if I hadn’t met you guys. You guys made me enjoyed the one year so much, even with all the endless assignments.
e) My NUS friends. Especially to KT and HG, who were there all the times at my lowest point.
f) My JC friends who showed me what is real friendship and saved me from my introvert self.
g) My colleagues (a few only though). Thank you for being there and stand up for me when I were stabbed in the back. And all the gossips that we shared at the lounge.
h) BK. Thank you for never failing to cheer me up when I’m down. Thank you for the silly coconut song and playing my fav tune on the piano for me. That meant a lot to me.
i) Basically i just wanna thank everyone. Whether it is the good or the bad, it makes me who i'm today.

YY actually told me that there is a motive behind this tag which i'm profusely thinking what could it be.

Anyway, i wanna tag the disappearing ray-san!

1 Wishes granted:

  • At 7:23 PM, Blogger Ra said…

    I am not disappearing!

    I am just reading and listening more.. and making less noise.



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