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Monday, October 16, 2006

Smile! You are on camera =>

I'm a real coward when it comes to the dentist. Maybe it is those little trips to the dentist office during my primary school days that still huants me. How could i forget the evil-looking nurse that always make my teeth bleed during cleaning. How i had always wish the other nurse would work on me but alas because of my index number, i was doomed.

It is probably the first time on ANTM history that they let a girl with teeth like joanie on the show.

I was trying to find one that shows her teeth but it was obvious that that kind of photo probably don't exist.

For people who are confused, she had what we would call as the vampire tooth. Yes, just like me. For ages, i'd been asked if i would fix that tooth to obtain the perfect smile. For ages, i have thought about it but am just too chicken to do anything about it. The idea of sitting in a dentist's office and allow her to pull off any of my teeth is horribly frightening. That is not to mention how much work needs to be done on my mouth and how many weeks or months do i have to live in agony and pain. Finally the amount of money needed to get my prefect smile.

Like Joanie, i have practised in front of the mirror on the type of smile where i don't have to show my tooth. But somehow that had made me look extremely arrogant on photo. I longed to be able to smile widely and show off beautifully and prefectly alined teeth.

Does that tooth affect me? Of course it does. Imagine been laughed at all the times when you are young because you looked 'different'. However, i have come to term with my teeth and the fact that i probably would look like this for the rest of my life, not be able to show my teeth on photo. I had even joked that it would probably be very easy to spot me if there is an air-accident because i have such unique teeth.

Maybe one day when i finally decide i'm rich and brave enough, i would probably get my tooth fix. Meanwhile, i will stick to just smiling on photo.

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