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Monday, June 21, 2004

What is the world thinking???

A big hey to all my fans out there.. Sorry, i have been one lazy author. I know i haven't been posting much.. Ok, ok.. I know i haven't been posting. But then i'm busy u see. With what? Well, erm, with this and that loh. Ok, i gave up. I'm not been busy, i'm just been plain lazy. God, it is school holidays now and i'm been lazy???

I caught a movie (Around the World in 80 Days) today with a bunch of friends. Well, not exactly friends, i only know two of them, the rest are their church friends. No offends to those christian ppl but what the heck?! They can practically link everything to their GOd. I mean, man, sometimes it is just so lame! And on our way back, there is this friends of mine who insulted buddhism. I was offended. I'm no buddhist but i dun think a religious person shld put down other religion to praise their own GOD. I mean if this what their GOD wants, then serious i question their GOD. Have the chirstian ppl been so much in a world of their own that they'd forgotten that there are other ppl around too?? I wonders.. One of their church friends questions my value when i told them i dun believe in GOD. She starts treating me like i'm alien, like it is so unmoral of me not to believe in their GOD. Well, u guys out there, if u really want a reason why i dun believe in ur GOD, it is cos of this! I dun need ppl like you to judge me just because i dun share the same belief.

Recently I have been questioning a lot of things. But i think that is only because i'm way too bored. Jess, when are u coming back! Seriously girl, u have not been updating ur blog too.. You know what i need now? I need a good liquor to shake up my system now. Sigh.. Jess while u are getting more fab, i'm getting more flab. I think i should go do what i always do, that is to drown myself in the world of unreality.

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