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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

My SCM lesson observation is finally over. It is so much more stressful to be observe by her than to be observe by my CT or NIE sup. Maybe it is cos i'd heard she is very strict and stuffs. Another reason would be, i know my CTs and NIE sup would not give me that bad a grade. You will be surprise to know that all my CTs are terrified by her. So if my SCM decides that i dun deserve the merit, then i won't get it even if my CTs dun agree..

Initally i thought i was screwed. I mean first, i couldn't finish what i have planned. Secondly, the class dun understand what i was explaining in the beginning. I'd no choice but to re-explain my first part of the lesson again. Surprisingly, she likes it. It just so seems that my style of teaching suits her. She likes the little things that i do during teaching. For example, i used the white board to explain difficult concepts and off the projector. It seems like the small, little things that i always do happens to fit her taste. She compliments that overall the lesson was a good one and i'd done many right things. I supposed that is good. I hope..

Now that the SCM obs is over, i'd to go prepare for my NIE sup obs..

I felt like a superstar.. Anyone wants my signature?

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