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Wednesday, April 06, 2005


I went and read the first few entries of my blog which is written almost one year ago. God.. I can't believe i wrote them.. I had such serious attitude problem then! But then, i think my blog seems to be more interesting then too..

One year later and in another school, here i'm blogging away again. With another writing style, here i am trying to blog this. I had just finished teaching for 5 straight periods.. It is so draining.. Rushing from one class to another..

Something unbelievable happened.. My 2G are such an angel today! They are still a little bit noisy but they can actually sit down and listen to me teaching them! When i ask them to go back to their comp and do work, they actually followed my instructions, though they do complain here and there. The class atmosphere is so nice today that i wish it is like this for every lesson. One of the students in 2G said he dun like me cos i always let them do work and not playing in the lab. Well, i told that is really too bad. Just when i was about to wrap up the lesson, the fire drill went off and i had to bring them down to the field.. Great.. Now they din managed to save their work...

Just when i thought maybe this day would end on a nice note, something has to happen to screw it up. My acting SCM just inform us that they wanna observe us next week and ask us to pick a lesson and give it back to them immediately.. This is really irritating cos i have work to do and i have to put it all down to pick a slot for the observation. It seems like my work and time is not important. I felt so not respected!


Ok.. I feel better now.. But nonetheless, i still have work and work and lotsa work to do. I wish they could stop acting like trainees are really free.. Hadn't they been one before. I just wish for more respect here..

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