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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

As i was on my way to my last lesson of the day, one of the sec 4 boy stop me and asked me if i'm a relief or perm teacher. I just ignored him and walked away. He refused to give up and continuing asking me the same question (this got me pissed). So i replied "If you have paid any attention during assembly, you won't be asking me this stupid question". With taht i walked away. I guess he must be telling his friends that i'm some kind of stuck up teachers but seriously i don't wanna address students with this kind of behaviour. Though i'm a trainee, i'm a teacher nonetheless. Ha! I think i'm building up a very strict image with kids. The last lesson was a joy today though my laptop failed me and so do my voice. I couldn't stop coughing halfway through the class. My kids were so naughty, they suggested to let them off early for they 'fear' for my throat. Yah, right.. Haha..

One of my trainee friends came back from interview yesterday. She was worried she won't be posted to a JC. That sets me thinking. Why does she join teaching in the first place? Doe sit matters that much to be teaching in JC or secondary school? True, JC has less discipline but from what i heard of the revamped system starting from next year, it ain't gonna be easy to teach in JC. Friends are asking me to lookout for schools i would wish to join and write to them but i prefer to leave everything to MOE. I have seen cases where ppl tried so hard to get in to a school only to hate it when they are in. Maybe we should make the best out of everything. My practicum school ain't perfect but i guess there are still some plus points.

I'd lunch with my IT HOD yesterday and we talked about marriage. Andy shared his view on marriage and the teaching career. My IT HOD joking asked when i'm getting married, i replied that i'm waiting for the RIGHT person. If there isn't anyone, i rather be single. She laughed and name the various male teachers who are single and said that she can help. I thanked her and i told her that i prefer someone who is not in the same line as me. Imagine, having a husband who is in the same line as you and every night, all the topics surrounds school and students?! I perfer someone more interesting (hey, i'm not saying male teachers not interesting but limited topics to talk lah) and it would be good if he has Lee Hom's talents!! So unless the person you wanna intro to me has 50% of Lee Hom's plus points, i would tell you it would be better to intro him to someone else. Haha.. My eyesight too high? Maybe.. But hey, this is my life isn't it?

Enough about marriage and couplehood, tomorrow is my school sports day! Yippee!! The trainees are allocated the task of being the interhouse judges.. I hope the students won't hate us if they lose. But i guess it should be fun. Can still remember, the sport meet i attend last year.. My department won the staff race and i still have the trophy on my table.. Who says science teacher cannot run. Haha.. But i can't join the staff race this year, for my knee seems to get worse.. Hmmm...

*Yawn* Luckily there is no lessons tomorrow as i really don't feel like writing any lesson plans tonight!

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