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Monday, March 07, 2005

I just had another failed lesson with my beloved 2G again. For a double period, i didn't manage to even get them to open their textbook. I spent one period punishing them and getting them to be quiet and to the lab. There i spent another period (waiting for the technician actual!) to find out how to use the software to take over the students' computers. But it is a total failure anyway. I know some of the students actually gave me the loser signal behind my back. It set me thinking again.. Is it me? Or is it the students? It is so tiring not to be able to teach any stuffs or carry out my lesson plan. Seriously, i felt like giving each of the students a tight slap in the face. But of course, i won't and can't anyway. But it is so frustrating.. It seems like i'm the only trainee in my school who has this problem. People keep consolling me that it is normal cos they are the most famous class in the whole school and none of the teachers (Except for those discipline teachers) can control them. Teachers keep asking me to be strict with them.. I'd tried but still none works.. Sigh~~ I'm open to suggestions..

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