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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Shall We Dance?

I want to dance again. So go ahead you tell me. What is so difficult about dancing again you asked. Well, it is different from the past. Dancing comes with a burden now. It is no longer simply a pleasure hobbit or sport that i used to take up (Yes, i used to be in the dance club a long long time ago.. What's so surprising). I'm afraid of judgement now. Afraid of people laughing at me cos i did not dance well or afraid that my feet have root to the ground and simply won't adjust to dance again. I missed the days where i dance away on stage in front of an audience. I missed those days where i trained 5 days a week for competition.

Actually, i missed the pretty dance costumes even more. When i was younger i used to dream that one day i would dance with my prince charming. I would be in a very pretty dress and we would dance away on the dance floor all evening. We would be the envy of everyone in the ballroom cos we are the prettiest couple in the room. As i grow older, this simple dream seems to be replaced by more complicated matters that are happening in my life. Eventually, i decided that it is just going to be a dream again. The only places that i can go and dance now is at clubs and pubs. Sometimes at home, i would secretly dance to the music i like but the feeling of dancing is never the same as before.

Yesterday when Gui Qing asked if i want to join her at her dance class, it just stirred up the urge to dance again. To just simply move away with the music and lost yourself in your own world. I was very tempted to join her but i think i should think twice again. Afterall, i tend to give up on things very easily now.

Maybe one day, i would find myself dance again...

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