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Monday, October 25, 2004

Life as usual but with little bit of spices

I played mahjone for the whole night on Friday. Gosh! I don't even know how i did that though i do remember that i was one hell of a zombie when the sunlight shine on me the following morning. But it's fun. I have not played mahjone like since last year New Year eve? How much did i lose? Eh, i lose about.. Wait a minute! What makes you think that i will lose? What as usual? Erm.. Well, ok so i din win but that does mean i always lose. My luck was better this time, i only lost about 3 dollars. Yah, i know. A new record for me for losing so little money for the first time.

I was about to give up the idea of getting a ticket for the Fish Leong's concert tomorrow or is it today? Then, i was offered two! How funny the way fate twisted everything. So now, i not only get to go, i get to invite a friend as well! Heehee..

I was initially quite happy that school is ending this week until i heard from my other CS frens that their lessons had ended last Friday! Arrgh... Why must Chemistry always be the last to finish. Last time in NUS, we are always the first to start exam and the last to finish. Even in NIE, we still can't escape this fate. Is it the subject or the chemistry people? Hmmm.. I can't never understand..

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