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Thursday, October 21, 2004

I hate my life!

NIE life is getting more and more complicated. Like what one of my colleagues told me before i went in. I really don't wanna be involved in any of it. But i'm not happy to be put down by people because of selfish reason. The guys here are so stupidly childish! I thought they would be better since they are older than the Uni guys but it seems that apart from growing older, they did not get any wiser.

I should forget all about it! I came here to study, not to be involved in funny things. Life is already as trouble as it can get. I should live happy. When i'm not feeling good, i would buy things. That's explains why i bought another electronic gadget again.. =~( Yeah! I know not a good habit but i guess it beats eating. Speaking of which, i'm getting a little bit of flesh on my waist.

I need to take my dinner.. Yes, i know..

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