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Monday, September 06, 2004

I'm so tired..

I'm so tired. Tired from rushing through one assignment after another. I need a break. On the verge of crying just now when i realised that i had so many things to accomplish by next week. Guess i'm not good at handling stress.I need a break. My mind has gone completely blank. I decide to come here and write instead cos it doesn't require much thinking.

Wrote an email to my Chemistry members and told them that as much as i hope to finish the stack of readings they passed to me, i simply can't cos i've other assignments which is more urgent. Sadly, they are rather unsympathetic. The 'leader' of the group wrote back to say that everyone has a part to play in this project. Of course i knew that. I'm not saying i dun wanna do anything, i just ask for an extention. Plus, this project is due in end Nov!! Seriously i dun see what is the hurry. I've no strength to argue. I have decided to go on Wed and tell them that. I'm sorry if they see my point and i dun mind going to the lecturer with them to talk about this.

Think i'm complaining too much. Just stress. Things will be better next week.. I hope.

P/S: Thanks Terence for sharing with me all the things that i'm not suppose to do in the seventh month.. Now i'm more scared than ever to stay alone in hall!!!! Brr... You owe me a meal.

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