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Friday, July 02, 2004


I think no one in this world has any freedom.
All of us are under some constrains in one way or another. Sometimes, we ourselves don't even know we are actually bird in cage.
This is a sad sad world.
Yes, i believe there are some happy people but how many percentage do they stand in the world population?
And i wonder how can they be so happy?
Have they never feel down before?
Or is everything just a play and everyone is acting.
Acting to be happy, acting to be rich, acting to be capable.

I think u can feel that i'm feeling down again.
These days, it doesn't take much to push me down.
There is simply no happy events in my life right now.
There have been some but i think it is fair enough to say that those days are not coming back.
It is not fair to say that i did not try to myself happy.
I tried that everyday but it just seems to be getting harder and harder. At times, i even wonder, why bother?
I just can't help but asking, when will i be free?
I've been finding this freedom for my whole life.
I just want some peace and seriously nothing else means anything to me anymore.
Things change, people change.
You can't grab anything and make it stand still.
So why bother to try to hold on to anything?
It will pass anyway.

I'm tired.
I think i'll go to sleep.
At least i may be able to find some peace in my dreams.

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