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Monday, June 28, 2004


Ha! I finally managed to do something to my blog. Now it looked so much better.
Yes, i realised it is in pink. So, i like the colour pink. What? Too girlish?
Er, in case u haven't noticed, i'm a girl! Who cares if the world doesn't like it, i like and that's all that matters.

Today is the first day of school after a month break, i felt so restless!
I have absoutely no mood to scold the students at all.
In fact i kept smiling at them to the point they'd to ask me why am i so happy today!
I guess i was in a rather good mood today though moody.
Maybe cos i'm going back to study again or the fact that i'd just passed all my classes to other teachers.

But the reality of been removed from my seat(i'm now sitting at some dumpster, trust me!) is still making me abit mad.
But i think i can try to endure, cos i'll be there for another 14 more days!
But i do get some shocking news today.. Kelvin was transfered to Christ Church Sec Sch!
I know he's been wanting a transfer but i have not heard of him requesting for one.
Somehow, the atmosphere of the school is very different with all the new teachers and all my familiar faces gone..

Well, i could only hope NIE would be better. Till then, i'm counting down..
Jess, if you're reading this blog, get ur butt back to S'pore soon!
We miss you.

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