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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Stupid NTU

Taking a breathe in the mist of doing my NIE assignment but most probably going to sleep after wrting this blog. I felt like i can't breathe with all these things to do. I really need a holiday!

My roommate told me just that she is moving out at the end of this month.. That means i will have to stay alone. If i'd known this will be the case earlier, i would have apply alone and will most probably be stay in the new halls near NIE. Well, not blaming her. Everyone has the choosing right. She chose to move out, like i chose to make her my roommate in the first place. Actually, i'm contemplating to move out too. Just realise yesterday that as a postgrad, i have to pay $80 more the undergrad. @#$%&*

How can they discriminate us like that?? Why do we have to pay so much more when we are staying in the same lousy room like the rest??? My NUS extend hall only costed me $220 a month and damn, it was much much much better. I used to think NUS is a money sucker, now i realised NTU is so much worse!!!

Maybe i should move out too cos you know my hall is pretty creepy. The thought of me staying alone in my room is pretty scary. Hey, not that i'm a scary cat but i do have some pretty strange experience in my room before... Better not think of that now. But then, to move out now is so troublesome. I've so many things to move (those who's been to my hall will know.. haha) and i stay pretty far away from NIE. Travelling alone will take about 3 hrs per day liao. So maybe i should stay.. Haiz.. I dunno lah, we will just see how..

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