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Tuesday, July 27, 2004


Caught "Brotherhood" with a friend today at Plaza Singapura. For a korean show, it is acutally quite nice. But the impact of the war scene does not affect me as strong as the other war show does. But nonetheless, it is still sad enough for me to maintain my stand. I hate war. I'm a peace lover. Not trying to put down guys but serious i think war is something that man invented to boast their ego.

I still got so many stuffs to move to my new hall. Sigh~ The room is freaking small! It is almost the same size as my NUS hall, except that my NUS hall is single occupant while this is double. Pathetic. Really pathetic. Got a headache just thinking how to stuff my things into the room while crowding it. They don't have much bookshelf neither. Why, why can't i get new hall?? It is so much bigger. But then, there is nothing i can do now so forget. I just hope the mosquitoes there don't stink me to death! Better bring something to kill them. My forever nemesis.

Tomorrow is sort of the first official lesson i'm gonna attend. Well, one year out of school and now finally i'm going back to be a student. This should feel good except i've already feel boogle down by the workload of NIE liao. Time to buck up and work hard cos i've no money to pay the bond!

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