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Monday, July 26, 2004

Just another ordinary day...

I'm so disgusted with some Singaporeans. This afternoon i was taking the MRT to Orchard to meet my friend. As the train approached the station, and the door opened and i was about to step out, the group of people waiting outside just rushed in. Pushing me all the way back into the train again. I was thinking, what happen to manner. These god damn disgusting people are so scared that they can't get a seat that they forgotten about their manner.

I still maintain my stand. I prefer my own little island where there is no rude people. Heh! That's cos i get to choose who i wanna to invite to stay in my island.

I'm so god damn broke this month due to all the taxi fares that accumulated up. My resistance for taking a cab is way high but alas! Sometimes, you just don't have a choice.

It is 4am now and i'm still awake, wasting my time away writing blog where i should have been doing my NIE stuffs.


I need to learn time management. Going to be 23 liao, cannot afford to be so childish anymore. The mention of my age makes me sad. I feel so old!!! But luckily people still thinks i'm 18. So maybe it is not that bad yet. I think i better get back to my work if not i'll have to sleep at 6am again!!

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