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Monday, August 30, 2004

Me and my new laptop

I finally bought my second laptop today. It sucks to be using other people's laptop (dun be mistaken, i'm very grateful to the fren who lend me his laptop) cos you've to be very careful in everyway and you can't download anything. Plus, it is not in my character to borrow stuffs. I prefer to own stuffs. Sad to say that the laptop had burn a big hole in my pocket but what to do? I need one. So have to treat it as an investment loh, i guess. That means i'd to postpone the buying of my Canon IXUS 5 camera once again.. When will i get the camera?!?! So many things to buy, so little money..

It has been so long since i update this blog. Hey! Don't blame me, blame NIE. Don't know which idiots say that NIE is fun, must enjoy. How come i don't seem to be enjoying???? Yeah, studying is fun but not the workload. 8 modules a semester (only 3 months somemore!) is seriously no joke. I also dunno why am i so stress, i used to be so bochup during my university days. I can't wait for the vacation to come so that i can finally have a good rest, not rushing every single week just to get my assignments done. To all those friends out there who are thinking that NIE is very relax and wanting to apply, pls consider this...

It is time to hit the sack again. I'm so damn tired. When can i have a good, long sleep again..

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