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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Stressed out!

My resistance to do the NIE assignments is super high now. In fact, i have no mood to do any other stuffs. I'm so burned out. The worst part is, the semester is not over yet. So, yes there are more assignments to hand (nightmare!). I have changed my attitude from aiming to get an A for every assignment to just a pass. Cos, i can't even finish liao where got mood to aim for A?

Felt that my life is a bit messed up. This should be the way to live a life... Staying in hall nowadays can be quite boring cos i'm staying all alone and i dun even know the neighbours! So sianz, no one to talk to. You know how terrible that is for me? (For ppl who knows me very well, knows that i need my daily dose of talking) This is hell and it is lonely. Hmm... Maybe i need love.. But nah... Nothing much here in NTU. NUS more happening, more gossips flying around. Too much actually that sometimes i can't even see what's hit me~

I would love to continue writing in here (and get grading but it is only a dream), play with my hamster or watch the new season of south park that i have in my laptop now. But alas, i can only do one thing now.. That is to go do my work liao.

So that's all folks, for the moment.

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