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Thursday, September 23, 2004

New features on my blog

Finally got a tagboard for my blog. Been wanting to do that for sometime liao. Heh, it seems like PED513 does has some usefulness after all. Haha..

These few days have been pretty strange for me. I kept getting flashback about my life. Kept thinking about my younger days, not that i'm very old but i was younger then. I think i led a much more interesting life then. Everything now was pretty sianz. Or maybe it is my hall life that is boring. No kidding. Living all alone here with no one to talk to can be pretty horrible. I think i should stop thinking so much. Not doing me any good.

Have been preparing for the Australia trip at the end of the year. Haha.. I dun think i'm that hardworking in my work. I could already see the sea, the beach and all the handsome guys there! (Thanks to the Australia tourism TV ad which has been showing all day and night long!) Should be exciting. Just hope we dun get lost (not because i'm gonna be there ok!). But then it can be fun to get lost too. Haha..

I think i so need a break. Haven't been really going out for a long time. Maybe i should go shopping..

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