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Monday, October 18, 2004

My Birthday!

My birthday actually turns out to be quite fine. I was thinking that it is gonna be another boring day but thanks to mine that bunch of zany CPA friends, it was quite nice. Our dearest Daniel (Note: He's a powerpoint expert!) specially prepared a birthday powerpoint presentation for me. He showed it during the lesson today. So touch! The slides are very well prepared.. They are actually editing it during class today and i was sitting beside them the whole time! They are such good actors.. So much for my observation skills. Haha..

Went out with a friend that i've not seen for a long time for dinner. Use this opportunity to meet up too. He said he actually has a surprise for me but however his surprise surprised him instead so no surprise for me =(

Just when i thought that my day was perfect, my precious laptop had to give me problems. When i was doing my assignments halfway, the screen suddenly went crazy and i absolutely can't switch off it. Out of no choice, i had to pull off the power plug and that was a very bad choice. Now i can't on it! Why do electronic stuffs always gimme problems?!??!


I hope this laptop problem won't last long...

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