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Saturday, November 13, 2004

Me, Myself and My Shadow

I have a few ideas what to write in this space for the past week. But everytime i'm just too tired or lazy to log on and blog. A lot of things have happened the past week. So much so that i've comtemplated to write a blog on "Why are guys such a jerk" but thought better of it since i think i have condemed enough guys. Dun get me wrong, my male friends. I dun hate guys, well, not all of them. Just that you fellows can be so insensitive and mean sometimes.

Jessie commented that i'm hard to please while another friend of mine says that i have quite a temper. Well, not denying that. I'm really quite hard to please. As for temper wise, who doesn't have one, seriously. I can be very nice but i can bite too if one is nasty to me. In simple words, i just mirror your actions. So if you find me having a temper with you, then perhaps you should think about yourself too. Some may not like what i say but i'm only saying the facts. Nobody is perfect. Not me definitely. I'm just me, blunt. Whether you like it or not, i dun plan to change.

I have a sleep-over gathering with my Varsity gals friends few days ago. Apart from the facts that we now have more money in our purses and looked a bit older, we are pretty much the same funky gals we were when we are still schooling. Gossip is one thing that will never be absent from the menu, at least ours. We talked about guys (Yes, i know. Just like guys gathered and talk about girls) and one of them commented that i'm one gal who prefer my bf to be a little bit more wild rather than the conventional Mr Nice guy. That's pretty true. Nice guys can be pretty boring and sometimes they are too nice that you find it repulsive. It looks fake to be so nice. I wonder why my friends have such concerns over my choice of bf. Is it because of my constant ranting of "guys are idiot" comments or i'm just an interesting target?Whatever the case is, i'm just glad that i'm the one who is ultimately gonna make the call.

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