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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

One day in Batam

8.30am. I jumped off the bed as i heard Suzie from the other side of the phone asking where am i. Damn! I've overslept. The next one hour is a blur as all i can remember is rushing, rushing and rushing. And finally, i took a cab down to Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal. It was 9.30am when i reached.

Upon meeting the rest of the gang, Egwin never failed again to mention that i should treat them to lunch, dinner, blah.. Bad news once again arrived when we were informed that we'd missed the 10am ferry. The next ferry arrives at 12.30pm! Panicked, we asked around and finally found one that leaves at 10.40am. Jimmy, Suzie, Raymond and me were happily playing Dadi while Egwin was napping away. When we reached the main land of Batam, we realised that we can't speak their language but Suzie came to the help and she became our translator for the rest of the journey. So the five of us squeeze (literally squeezed) into the car which is meant to seat four and began our Batam journey.

The first stop is shopping! The driver took us to the so called one of the largest shopping complex on that part of the island. But seriously, it seems smaller than northpoint. Anyway, we were happily spending our money on Dvds (except for Suzie). Jimmy also wished he could bring all six seasons of "Sex and The City home".

Our second stop is massage. It was originally supposed to be SPA but then the driver mistok and took us to a massage parlor instead. Jimmy wasn't too happy cos he wanted to go to SPA. But in the end, majority wins. The massage session was damn funny. I shld have record the expressions on each of their faces. Egwin was constantly complaining that he is in pain. Jimmy's face is turning red. Raymond was feeling ticklish and Suzie is screaming away. Me? Haha.. I'm smart enough not to choose the Thai massage so i'm enjoying my massage.

For our third destination, we went to a beautiful resort which has a beautiful beach. We spent the late afternoon snapping away on our camera, trying to bring back as many beautiful memories as we can.

The last stop was to have our seafood dinner! We ordered five dishes in total. Chilli crab, black pepper crab, steam fish, and two vegetables dishes. Yum yum! Egwin is a big eater. He and Raymond both loved fish head (yucks)! Of course, once again we never failed to capture our dishes before we indulged in them.

After dinner, it is mahjone time. I'm quite surprised to know that Egwin doesn't really know how to play mahjone and Dadi. Heh! Anyway, we played Dadi on our journey back to Singapore again.

Overall, it is an interesting trip. We get to know each other much better and we definitely brought back lotsa beautiful memories! =)

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