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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

What's up with tea?

A friend of mine was telling me all about the good things of drinking tea and he, himself has 8 different types of tea in his room. Amazing! I like tea but i'm not that particular about it. It was quite interesting though to have this tea chat with him. Learn a lot of new facts from him.

Was having dinner with Yeing Yeing, Gui Qing, Egwin and Daniel today. We are talking about a particular couple, which isn't exactly one. Just reinforced my thinking that BGR is too complicated. I prefer things that are more simple, like i always say.. Life is already too tiring, why make yourself more miserable?

I'm starting to take a lot of things less serious and this makes my headache go away. I'm just enjoying my life in NIE now and seriously, other things can wait. Well, well.. Someone asked me why he is always involved in scandals.. I can't answer that question cos i seem to be always involved too even when sometimes i really try hard to avoid. Guess i just have to accept it that scandals refused to leave me alone.

Btw, my blog is soooooo quiet! Jess, Yeing... Why aren't you guys posting anymore.. Or maybe no one is visiting this site anymore... Hmmm....

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