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Thursday, January 13, 2005


I think i suck at my microteaching today. I was nervous and said a lot of wrong stuffs. Gosh! And Egwin was so good at it that he made me looked stupid.. I guess i have to prepare a lot more for the actual one. Luckily this is only practice if not i will never live it down.

I have made another plan to visit batam again before CNY cos we went to the wrong part of batam the last time round so we decided to give it one more chance and Yeing Yeing will be coming along too. It might be our last gathering before we are all sent to different parts of Singapore. Kinda sad. Afterall, we have build quite a friendship these few months.

Things are getting a bit strange this few weeks. First, i felt extremely tired everyday (especially on days where there are classes). Then, there is this stupid guy who keep pestering me online and he is so touchy! I hate people like them. Can't they understand what i meant by i'm not free. Acting as if i have to dedicate all my free time to him. I hope he dun irritate me to the point where i'd no choice but to scream at him.

1 Wishes granted:

  • At 10:33 PM, Blogger peccavi said…

    Eh you just block him?

    Oh well been nice knowing you!

    Nope, I think you were quite good at microteaching today!


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