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Friday, January 07, 2005

My thoughts

I have been ignoring this space of mine on the web. I have so many things to write about.. From my Australia trip to the recent tsunami incident but still i din manage to even log in to write.

School have started and frankly i'm still trying to adjust to the 8.30am classes. And damn.. There are 3 of them. Know ishouldn't be complaining afterall, when the real teaching starts, i'd to wake up much earlier..

5 more weeks of school and it is end of student life for me again. Heh, i'm only starting to get use to it. Chinese New Year is in another month's time which also means that assignments are due in another too! Yucks.. The thought of it turns me off. Imagine having to do assignment during CNY (cos due date is on 14th Feb) =S

I dunno what else to write on here. I promised i will try harder the next time.

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