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Sunday, January 16, 2005

My life

My life is pretty much in a mess now. My head is spinning as i'm typing this. It seems that all of a sudden, i'm getting a terrible headache. I always don't seem to have time for myself and i dun even know why. I'm trying to deal with my never ending assignments and irritating people who just won't leave me alone!

I'm serious when i said they won't leave me alone. Some people just can't take no for an answer. There is this stupid guy who has been pestering me lately. Msn me whenever he is online and when i dun reply it is floodville. He would continue to msn till i get irritate by him and reply. He won't take the answer that i am busy as reply. What an idiot! Even after i told him that he is not the right one, he still believes that he is and that one day he can change my mind with his subconscious. I think he is living in a world of his own which is fine with me as long as he STOPS bothering me. Frankly, i'm just trying not to hurt his feelings but seriously i can't be bothered now. Why should i be bother? If he irritates me again, i will give him a big piece of my mind.

There is a few things that i should do:

1. Improve on my microteaching
2. Complete my CPA assignments asap (Cos Raymond has completed one)
3. Tidy up my hall room (It is in a terrible mess now, my notes are everywhere!)
4. Go to bed now (I'm having a terrible headache...)

So i guess that is all until my headache gets better...

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