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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Thoughts From School

I have been doing lesson plans non-stop even since practicum has started. 4 days and going, i'm still trying to get use to the culture of the school. Occasionally, i will see some of my NIE friends online and damn.. I miss having lessons in the CPA laboratory where we are just having fun together. Suddenly i miss the lecturer too. But i also know that my honeymoon period is over. It is time to start work. I can't be a student forever.. I should be gladful that i have this one year of wonderful experience and many new and exciting friends.

The teachers around me are busy typing non-stop on their keyboards. They are probably doing serious stuffs while i'm typing away in my blog. What to do? I need to relieve a bit of my stress and the best way is to come here and write all my thoughts!

Later at this evening i will be starting the first lesson of my Lindy dance. Kinda excited about it cos i will get to see the rest! Ha.. Can imagine now how fun it will be. I'm glad i decided to take up the dance. Now i can used this one a week dinner as a catch-up session with the rest.

Guess i should be getting back to my lesson plans. I still have lesson at 11am.. Till then, tata!

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