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Sunday, January 30, 2005

CNY is around the corner!

Everywhere i go, there is CNY mood in the air. CNY decorations, CNY songs. Everything seems so red. Everyone seems so happily shopping for themselves or their families. And it is so crowded everywhere! This is a period of time that i hate cos it is so crowded and yet i had to shop cos i haven't get a new dress for CNY yet! I hate to squeeze through the crowd especially weekend when it is super horrible! That is not to mention the queue.

ONe thing that i'm very excited about CNY is the food stuffs! I can already see the ba kwa in front of me. Haha.. But that also brings up my worries. I dun wanna get anymore fatter than i have now after CNY! I know ppl has been telling me i'm not fat but i still think i'm not slim enough. No, i dun think i'm thinking too much. I did get a little bit flabby after i came back from Australia! *sob sob* And i haven't lost an ounce for so long... I have decide to eat a bit less starting from tomorrow. If not i won't be able to wear pretty clothes during CNY!!

I think i have been playing too much. I have resolved to finish my chemistry lesson plan by this weekend and that leaves me with today only. Think i have better stop writing and starts on my work.

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