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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Just a bad day yesterday!

It is onl 9.30am in the morning and i'm feeling damn tired already.. I'm dozing off on my desk as i'm typing this. I dunno why i'm so tired. Maybe cos' of the stupid class that i had taught yesterday. This is the first time i couldn't handle a class even though it is a normal technical class. I had been through worse class but still i managed to get them under my control. Somehow i just couldn't build that rapport with the class, maybe it is cos i'm damn frustrated with the school system here. The principal always trying to make it look good but i can summarized in 2 words; It sucks!

The only good thing is that i'm assigned a laptop to my own and can enjoyed music and internet access on my very desk but then my desk is in a place where everyone and anyone can see me. This is not a good feeling.. Anyway, i have side-tracked. Back to the stupid class. I thought about it the whole night and i suddenly realised that all my methods don't works because they have no sense of moral in them. They are so big of themselves that they think they are the biggest and teachers are nothing. The only way to deal with them maybe to treat them like they are nothing and not to give them face in any sense. I think you don't even have to be nice to them for they will not appreciate it. There are so many things a teacher can't do to punish a students (don't get me wrong, i don't agree on physical punishments). What can a teacher do if the school doesn't support? Seriously, i dunno. I'm just worried about my lesson observation and what will happen if my supervisor comes. I can foresee troubles. Damn!

And i'm wearing this pair of shoes today that is give me blisters on my poor feet. I guess i'd to go back home to change my shoes. How can i dance in this kind of shoes... i've been having bad luck recently.. Maybe it is really time to go 'pai pai' already.. sigh~~ I still have hours to rot away till my next lesson..

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