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Sunday, March 20, 2005

It is amazing how work can get a person to feel so low. I felt so piled up with work right now that i can't breathe.. As i'm doing one stuff, i will be reminded that i have another stuffs that i need to do. It seems never ending =~(

The most unlucky thing happened to me yesterday. My thmub drive crashed. Yes, u heard it correctly, it crashed. ?I was about to email the lesson plan to my supervisor when i realised that the data that is stored in my thumb drive have all gone! *Grasp* Can u imagine my horror?? My days of hard work gone down the drain. I have to redo the whole LP and my Sup is rushing me for it!! Then as i'm feeling very bad about it, i realised i had stored all my LPs in that thumb drive.. Yes, i have lost all my LPs and i have to redo every single one that i have completed. Shucks! What lousy luck! Not to mentioned the PPT slides that i have prepared for my classes... That has to be redo also.

So u would have guess now, i'm trying to do as much as i can. I'm just blogging this to vent a bit of my frustration. I dun trust IT stuffs anymore. To the hell with them...

I missed my Dear Lee Hom's signature party at IMM.. Can anyone be more sad than me now? =~(

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