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Thursday, March 17, 2005

May you live a better live there!

This blog is to dedicate to my beloved hamster who had just died =~(
Thanks for all the good times you share with me.I wish i'd spend more time with it but i was always busy with something else.
Guess it is too late to say that now...

It is a busy day. I left my house at 7.50am in the morning to go back to NBSS for remedial classes. And after that is a mad rush home and then to meet yy and company. I was late for 45 mins *Oops!*

The KTV session was quite fun. But most of us seem to be affected by the cough bugs.. Ok, maybe me and GQ only.

Lindy session is getting better every week. Maybe it is the fact that i'm getting better at the steps. Haha.. But still i tend to get confused by the dance steps.. Turn too much liao!

Ok, i know this blog is super short.. Every paragraph is like super short but then i'm only writing it for the sake of my dead hamster. Tired now, have to go do my lesson plan =(

I hate practicum!!!!!!!

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