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Thursday, March 10, 2005

The best day ever!

It was a nice day yesterday so i must blog about it. It will probably be the happiest day i will spend in my practicum school for the whole 10 weeks. The sec 3 students went for their adventure camp since monday, so yesterday was a mass learning journey day for all the other students. I was assigned to follow a sec 4 N(T) class to URA centre. I have brought another class there last year but it is always nice to just walk around with the students in air-conditioned place. The class was noisy but quite pleasant and kinda cute too.. After a while, you will realised that they are still just kids. We are supposed to stay from 10am till 11.30am at the URA centre but the whole journey ended at 10.30am (remember they are NT kids and don't really appreciate exhibition..). We had no choice but to call the bus uncle to come fetch us earlier.. The bus arrive at 11am and we reach school at about 11.30am.. Poor kids, they can't leave till 12pm so we have to detain them at the hall till 12pm.

From 12pm, i start to rot in my cubicle, marking books and worksheets while waiting for my other trainee friends to come back from their learning journey. In case, you were wondering, it is cos i've decided to leave the school real early. Anyway, i got my wish and at 1.10pm (Ha! Probably the earliest!), the 6 of us proceed to sign out. It is a pity that Andy had to join his wife for lunch and can't join 5 beautiful ladies for lunch at Sakae. Somehow, all of us are in excellent mood and we just laugh non-stop at lunch, ignoring the bunch of students who is sitting behind us at the next table.

I took the longest nap i did after i reach home and proceed to do my lesson plans when i woke up in the evening. Am still smiling when i went to bed..

The day must have been too comfortable yesterday that i felt tired just waking up today to teach. The students are rather restless as well from their camp. I pity them.

Hope the rest of the day goes well..

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