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Monday, March 14, 2005

I'm exhausted from writing the stupid essay. Seriously, how is one essay going to help us on managing the class? No? I don't see how too. Anyway, i'm done with it (1800++ words, exceed the limit some more!) and i have no desire to see it again.

The March holidays are finally here. Yeah! I'm happy but only for while till i thought of all the lesson plans i have to do and the chemistry assignment i have to complete. Been a teacher is tough lemme tell you. I hate it when i hear people telling me how fortunate i'm to have an easy, well paid job with holidays. Yeah yeah, i'm smiling even in my dreams. As if!

I'm actually blogging at 12am! I think i need more entertainments. Anyone wants to entertain me?

P/S: Can anyone can me to add more things to this blog? It is getting boring...

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