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Monday, March 21, 2005

Like what Yeing Yeing says, "What can goes wrong, will goes wrong". I have spend time and effort to prepare the stickers that i intend to use for observation today. It is only when i reach school that i realised that i have left it at home. There goes my effort for doing it! What is wrong with me these few days?? Bad luck seemed to be following me. In the end, i'm forced to come up with backup ideas.

I was about to curse today as the worst day of the week when my Sup gave me good comments for my observation today. She said i definitely did better than a pass grade. She would give me a credit grade but it will depends on what the school wants to give me. But hearing these is more than enough for me! Yippee!! That changes my mood drastically.

I finally got my new timetable for the semester.. As usual, there are mistakes in the timetable again but i'm smart enough to clarify with my CTs this time round. My CPA lesson was reduced from 6 periods to 4 periods. And of the remaining 4 periods, 1 of the periods clashes with one of my other subject class. In the end i got 3 periods off from my old timetable. That is a good news i guess.. Now i have less lesson plan to write. And Sports Day has been changed to this wednesday which means, i am able to skip my triple CPA periods with that class again!

Just when i thought maybe the day is getting better, the staff contact time drag till almost 7pm! Seriously, some of the stuffs that they discussed is so not related to us.. Me and my trainee friends are basically just stoning at the meeting. To end the day, i fell off the stairs when i was going home and hurt my knees.. Now they hurt.. I hope i will not be limping tomorrow = (

Am running off for my daily dose of TV series, the Desperate Housewives!

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